Email Troubleshooting


Users are not receiving emails from EthosCE.


  1. Is the email found in the spam folder?

  2. Are the e-mails appearing in the EthosCE maillog
    Reasoning: Emails listed in the maillog typically indicate a successful send from EthosCE. If a reminder email is not in the maillog as expected, please disable the reminder and add it in a blank reminder field. Old reminders that are updated in the original field will not resend since they are flagged as 'sent', so a new reminder field should be used.

  3. Did your IT department whitelist the IP address where EthosCE email is coming from:
    Reasoning: SPF records must be setup to allow for our server to send mail. To check the SPF record, follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to

    2. In the search field, enter your domain your email is being sent as the site from. This may not be the same as your site domain.

    3. Choose 'SPF Record Lookup' in the dropdown and then click the 'SPF Record Lookout' button.

    4. If this appears, it indicates no SPF record was found:

    5. If this appears, it indicates an SPF record was found:


User is not receiving reminder email.


  1. Was the user previously enrolled or had activity in the course? If the user had received the reminder email already, it is flagged as sent and will not send out to the same user again. Please check the maillog to verify they had received it previously.