MOC Credit Reporter - ADD ON

This is an add-on feature. Please contact your Account Manager for more information.

Various boards, including the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM), American Board of Surgery (ABS), American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA), American Board of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery (ABOHNS), American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS), American Board of Pathology (ABPath), American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) and others accept MOC and MOCA credit reporting via the ACCME web service For both boards, the EthosCE credit reporter sends records to ACCME, which is then sent to, and processed externally by, the independent board. After processing, the board sends an update to ACCME, as to whether the record was accepted or rejected. EthosCE periodically checks with ACCME for this updated status, displayed in the global "Reported credit" report.

The processing of a record by the board's service may take up to 24 hours after the initial request.


There is a global and user level "Reported credit" screen available for review. They handle all requests, both successful and failed. Upon initial submission, if the record is accepted by ACCME, the status will be set to "Pending confirmation", as we wait for the board 3rd party system to process the record. If the initial submission is not accepted, the error message returned will be displayed as the status. With successful submissions, EthosCE will periodically request status updates of the record from ACCME. If rejected by the secondary board, the error message returned will be displayed as the credit report record status.


EthosCE only sends out emails based on the MOC board acceptance/rejection, not the PARS acceptance/rejection. 

A user is sent an e-mail notification upon successful acceptance from the 3rd party system. Additionally, if the record was rejected due to an issue with the user's individual data, they will receive a Rejected e-mail. 

The following scenarios trigger e-mails:

  • Missing diplomate ID.

  • Missing diplomate first name.

  • Missing diplomate last name.

  • Missing diplomate date of birth.

  • Diplomate ID not found.

  • Diplomate date of birth Month and/or Day does not match.

  • Diplomate name does not match Board record.

  • Maximum MOC points already granted.

Possible reasons for a record not sending

  • The credit reporter will not attempt to submit a record if the user fields required by the board are not present in the profile. These fields may vary per credit reporter.

    • A credit reporter record will not display in the "Reported credit" page until at least one submission attempt is made.

  • Courses without ACCME data enabled do not report awarded credit, even if the credit type has been configured to do so.

Manually re-queue records

If needed, it is possible to re-queue records to be resubmitted. You may do this by re-saving the course(s) or by the following steps:

  1. Click the wrench to open the admin menu.

  2. Click “Reports.”

  3. Click “Course Reports.”

  4. Click “Reported Credit failure report.”

  5. Search for record to re-queue and select the checkbox next to the record.

  6. Click the "Re-queue / modify" button

  7. Select the "Postponed" checkbox

  8. Set the Postponed field to "No."

  9. Click the 'Next' button.

  10. Review and Confirm.


Supported Credits


Credit Types


  • ABA Lifelong Learning (Part II)

  • ABA Patient Safety*


  • ABIM Medical Knowledge  (Part II)

  • ABIM Practice Assessment (Part IV)

  • ABIM Patient Safety*


  • ABP Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment (Part II)


  • ABPATH Lifelong Learning (Part II)

  • ABPATH Improvement in Medical Practice* (Part IV)


  • ABOHNS Self-Assessment  (Part II)

  • ABOHNS Improvement in Medical Practice (Part IV)

  • ABOHNS Patient Safety*

ABOS (*coming soon to ACCME)

  • ABOS Accredited CME

  • ABOS Self-Assessment Examination


  • ABS Accredited CME 

  • ABS Self-Assessment* (Part II)

*The following credits cannot be submitted on their own and must be submitted alongside one of the additional new credit types for each respective board.