Canva Tutorials and Resources

Getting Started

Downloading, Saving, and Sharing

Collaborate and review projects with coworkers and learn how to export assets for web, print, and social media:

Canva Pro Perks 

Your Canva Pro Membership provides tons of benefits with your EthosCE Branding and beyond! Explore how-tos of several perks here, but here are some highlights we’ve selected for you:

Non-Video Tutorials

Learn how to use Canva with these interactive tutorials within the site:

Canva has all sorts of uses! Be sure to utilize your Pro membership to its full potential for your EthosCE site and beyond:

  • Web Graphics

  • Image Editing

  • Free and Pro Stock images/graphics

  • Social Media

  • Presentations

  • Posters and Flyers

  • Email Marketing

  • Animating simple videos/posts

  • Collaboration with teams and coworkers

  • And much more!