CVENT Integration Add-on

This is an add-on feature. Please contact your Product Specialist for more information.

CVENT is used to manage live events. The CVENT integration ties a CVENT event to a course in EthosCE. This integration allows learners to easily register and claim credit for these live events within EthosCE. The CVENT integration has two major workflows: one for single events and another for events with multiple sessions - such as conferences.

Learners attending live events will be registered and marked attended in CVENT. The learners will then be directed to log into EthosCE to claim credit for those live events. The attendance object is typically the first object in the course outline for live courses. If the attendance object is completed, the learners will be allowed to complete the other objects, claim credit and print their certificates.

Registrations for users who do not have accounts in EthosCE are stored in a holding table as part of this integration. These users’ registrations will be recognized upon their initial login to EthosCE.

If an EthosCE course configured with a CVENT ID has an attendance object, that object is marked complete when EthosCE receives the attendance information via the CVENT integration.