Mapping to a Certificate at the Activity Level

You may set a certificate at the course level, which would override the global default setup.

  1. Create a course.

  2. Click "Course Settings" tab.

  3. Or navigate to the course.

  4. Click the "EDIT" tab.

  5. Click "Course Settings" tab.

  6. Click "Certificate" located on the vertical tab.

  7. Map certificates, depending on the following:

Rules Section

Used for custom certificate mapping rules. Contact support for more information.

Manual Section

This section is used when a single certificate should be awarded to all learners completing the course.

Awarded Course Credit Section

Using this mapping will award a certificate based on the credit type the learner is awarded after completing a course.


No action: Will use the default mapping in the site for the credit type.

Prevent certificate: Will not award a certificate.