Import Troubleshooting


Import is not successful.


  1. Are special characters in use in the CSV? To find special characters, we recommend using LibreOffice.

  2. Are the credit types using the machine readable name in the CSV?

  3. Are the headers correct in the CSV, with no additional spaces?

  4. Is the correct import template being used (IE a custom global user importer template versus a course level record importer template)?

  5. Does the file encoding field in EthosCE match what the file encoding is of the CSV?

  6. Does the CSV have thousands/millions of blank rows? If so, please delete the blank rows and re-import.

  7. Are the dates true dates in Excel?


User does not have the imported courses/credits in their transcript.


  1. Does the email address in the import file (CSV) match the email address currently in the user's EthosCE profile? If your importer matches on authmap ID instead, does the ID in the import file (CSV) match the user's ID?

  2. In the global or course specific imported record table, does the Processed column say 'Yes'?

  3. Has the user logged in since the import?

  4. Has the file been re-imported with 'Assign records immediately' enabled?