Link to a File

The "Link to file" course object allows for a package of files to be uploaded as a zip archive. The files are automatically un-zipped and an "index file" can be selected.

(File size limit is 1 GB)


The index file is the file that will be opened in the learner's browser. The learner will be presented with a link, and clicking the link will open the index file in a full-screen new window.

The object is marked complete once the learner has launched the presentation.

To add a file or file package to course:

  1. Navigate to the course.

  2. Click the "Course outline" tab.

  1. Select "Link to a file" from the course object dropdown.

  2. Click the "Add object" button.

  3. Click the "Save outline" button.

  4. Click "Edit instance."

  5. Click "Choose file" (or "browse") and select a file.

  6. Click "Upload."

  7. Type the index file name into the "Index file name" field.  By default the server will look for index.html or index.htm.  If the file to use has a different name, enter the file name (including extension).

  8. Click "Save."