Configuring a Quiz


Before adding questions, first configure how the Quiz behaves

Quiz taking behavior

  • Remember as global

    • If this box is checked most of the quiz specific settings you have made will be remembered and will be all administrators' default settings next time they create a quiz.

  • Remember my settings

    • If this box is checked most of the quiz specific settings you have made will be remembered and will be your default settings next time you create a quiz.

  • Allow resume

    • Whether to allow users to leave the Quiz incomplete and then resume it from where they left off.

  • Allow Skipping questions 

    • Whether to allow users to skip questions in the Quiz. This will add the 'Leave Blank' button.

    • Leave this setting un-checked to enforce users to input an answer. 

  • Allow jumping

    •  Whether to allow users to jump between questions using a menu in the Quiz.

  • Allow changing answers 

    • If the user is able to visit a previous question, allow them to change the answer.

  • Backwards navigation

    • Whether to allow user to go back and revisit their answers.

  •  Repeat until correct (adaptive mode)

    •  Require the user to re-try the question until they answer it correctly.

  • Fresh attempt every time 

    • Whether a user will start with a blank quiz attempt

  • Prepopulate with correct answers from last result 

    • Will allow users to choose to keep previous answers from the last attempt and select Only correct answers as the default.

  • Prepopulate with all answers from last result 

    • Will allow users to choose to keep previous answers from the last attempt and select All answers as the default.

  • Mark Doubtful

    • Allow user to mention if they are not sure about the answer.

  • Show passed status

    •  Show the status, if the user has previously passed.

  • Randomize questions

    • Random order - question list is shuffled NOTE: Paginated Quizzes with random order is not supported. 

    • Random questions - pull X questions from a pool of questions

    • Categorize random questions - number of questions are drawn from each specified taxonomy term.

  • Allowed number of attempts

    • The number of times a user is allowed to take the Quiz.

  • Display allowed number of attempts

    • Display the allowed number of attempts on the starting page for this quiz.

  • Results stored per user

    • Choose between the best, the newest, and all.

  • Time limit 

    • Set the maximum allowed time in seconds for a quiz.  Use 0 for no limit.

  • Show answer sheet 

    • Show a link to answer sheet which obeys the Quiz feedback settings. This sheet will list the question topic, if a question was answered, skipped (if enabled), etc.

  • Show retake button

    • If the learner fails the quiz but can take it again, enabling this option will show a "Retake quiz" button on the results page. Clicking this button will take the learner directly to the first question on the quiz. 


Providing feedback

Enabling feedback within the different categories determines when feedback gets displayed to the learner.

Note that administrators will see different feedback than what is configured for learners. For that reason, test as a learner to confirm the configuration meet the requirements.

  • After the question - This will display the feedback enabled after each question attempt.

  • After the quiz - This will display the feedback once the learner completes the quiz.

  • Passed - This will display feedback once the learner has passed the quiz. 

  • Max attempts - This will only display feedback when the learner has taken the quiz up to the allowed number of attempts. 

Review options

  • Question and answer feedback can be turned on after the question, after the quiz, or both.
    Check the box under the appropriate category to show that feedback during that time.

  • Question: Full content 

  • Question: Teaser 

  • Attempt

    • The user's attempt result

  • Choices 

    • The user's choice. The question choices will appear.

  • Whether correct

    • If the user's choice was correct (not the correct answer, only correct/incorrect)

  • Score

    • The points earned by the choice

  • Answer feedback

    • Feedback related to the chosen answer

  • Question feedback

    • Generic feedback set on the question

  • Correct answer

    • The correct answer

  • Quiz feedback

    • Generic feedback from the "Result feedback" section

  • Peer answer comparison

    • Compares a user's answer to peers' first attempts on multiple choice questions.

Result feedback

    You may specify 2 ranged groups of feedback.

  • The name of the result

    • Example: "Passing"

  • Percentage start/end range

    • When this feedback should apply

  • Display text

    • The text to display when the learner's grade is between the specified range.

Pass/fail options

  • Pass rate

    • The minimum score required to pass.

  • Summary text if passed

    • The text to display to the learner if they pass the Quiz.

  • Default summary text

    • The text to display to the learner after every attempt.

Availability options

  • Always available

    • The quiz will always be available.

  • Open/close date

    • Restrict the Quiz to specific dates.