Course Object Privacy

Course object privacy restricts enrolled learners' access to a course object within the course. Most course objects are private by default, when added within a course. Once saved as private the privacy setting cannot be changed.

  • Course objects can be public or private.

  • A public course object can be viewed without enrolling in a course.

  • A private course object can only be viewed when enrolled in a course.

  • Once saved as private a course object setting cannot be changed to public.

  • Private is the default for all course objects except for the "Course" course object.

It is only possible to make an object public during initial creation of the object. Once a course object is private, it cannot be changed back to public . 

"Course" course objects are not private by default, and should remain public if being shared across multiple courses.

Setting course objects to be private

  1. Navigate to the course.

  2. Click "COURSE OUTLINE." 

  3. Click "Settings" on the row of the course object you would like to edit.

  4. Click "Content."

  5. By default, the "Private" checkbox is enabled. It cannot be unchecked after the object is saved. When creating the object, if you want it to be public, un-check "Private."  The exception is "Course" course objects, which are public by default.

  6. Click "Update" to apply the settings.

  7. Click "Save outline" to save the changes.

Important considerations

If an object is shared between courses, the course object private settings must be consistent. They should either be public in all courses or private in all courses. 
If a shared course object has mixed settings, i.e., private in one course and public in the other, users in the public course will not be able to access the course object. If this happens it can be resolved by making the object private in all courses.