Re-using Existing Content in a Course Object

When creating a course object, there is the option of creating new content, which is the default, or referencing existing content. 

For example, when adding an evaluation to a course, and using an evaluation that is also being used in a different course, it is possible to reference the existing evaluation.

Or perhaps, creating a page of reference material that is needed to use in many courses. Feel free to reference that page when you create your course object.

Not all course objects allow reusing content.

Course objects with forms

 If a quiz, webform or other form-based course content is shared among courses, the users' form input cannot be filtered on a per course basis.

Selecting existing content in a course object:

  1. Navigate to the course.

  2. Click "COURSE OUTLINE." 

  3. Click "Settings" on the row of the course object to edit.

  4. Type the name of the content in the "Existing content" field.

  5. Wait for the name of content to appear and then select it.

  6. To use the title of the referenced content as a course object title, check the "Use existing title" checkbox.

  7. For content access to be restricted to enrolled learners in the course, check the "Private" checkbox.

  8. Click "Update."

  9. Click "Save outline."